Top 10 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Lauren Hackett

Whether you are starting a new business or hoping to find a new office space for your company, Cary Founded is the place for you and here are 10 reasons why!

  1. Networking Opportunities: Coworking spaces bring together professionals from various industries, providing plenty of opportunities to network, collaborate, and form meaningful connections. Here at Cary Founded, we offer numerous opportunities to network with other coworkers such as our monthly Happy Hours, Wellness Wednesday Walks, or Bagel Bars. There are so many occasions to connect with other members!

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional office spaces, coworking offers flexible membership plans that are often more cost-effective, especially for freelancers and small businesses. We have all different types of monthly membership levels for each need and day passes start at $25. Fill out this form for more information!

  1. Flexibility: Members can choose from different membership plans based on their needs, whether they need just a day pass for a few days a week, or a dedicated office space for months. Day passes are great for those with a varied work schedule who are looking for opportunities to use a workspace. 

  1. Enhanced Productivity: Coworking spaces are designed to foster productivity with amenities like unlimited coffee, phone booths, wellness rooms, and rentable huddle rooms. Members get 10 hours per month to book these rooms out, and non-members can book a room here.

  1. Community and Support: Coworking spaces cultivate a sense of community among members. This supportive environment can boost morale, motivation, and overall well-being. Working from home can be tough, so having a space that is both encouraging and productive to come to is extremely important.

  1. Professional Development: Cary Founded offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and networking events that contribute to professional growth and skill development. Find our upcoming events here!

  1. Access to Amenities: Members enjoy access to amenities such as conference rooms, printers, kitchen facilities, and lounges, enhancing productivity and convenience. We offer tea, Carrboro Coffee, and Bond Brothers beer on tap.

  1. Work-Life Balance: Coworking spaces often provide a structured work environment outside of home, helping to separate work life from personal life and reduce distractions.

  1. Opportunity for Collaboration: The diverse mix of individuals and businesses in coworking spaces often leads to collaboration on projects, sharing of knowledge, and even business partnerships. 

  1. Location Flexibility: Besides our downtown Cary location, we offer four additional locations in Raleigh, allowing members to move between spaces with their membership. 

These benefits make coworking an attractive option for freelancers, remote workers, startups, and even larger companies looking for flexible workspace solutions that support productivity and growth.

The week of July 22-26, we’ll be hosting a $5 week of coworking. Come join us for a week of productivity, collaboration, and networking along with free workshops and tech consultations. 

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