The Faces Behind Downtown Cary: Meet Teresa of Vintage Vogue

Rebekah Gregg

We all love the locally owned shops that line the streets of downtown Cary, but very rarely do we get to hear the stories of the hardworking faces behind them!

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet Teresa, owner of Vintage Vogue, a hidden gem antique store located on West Chatham Street within Ashworth Village. Teresa told us all about her journey into the antique world and why she loves downtown Cary.

A Spontaneous Journey

Teresa's love affair with antiques spans nearly three decades. Originally hailing from the bustling streets of New York City, she and her husband made the bold decision to relocate to North Carolina ten years ago. Little did she know that this leap of faith would pave the way for her remarkable antique venture.

When they first moved down, Teresa was operating a small space off of Capital Boulevard where she began curating a collection of treasures. Then, an opportunity came knocking on her door. A fellow antique shop owner in downtown Cary, who was retiring, reached out to Teresa with an offer to take over her shop. Without a second thought, Teresa embraced the challenge, diving headfirst into the unknown. Within a week, Vintage Vogue came to life, becoming her ultimate labor of love. She told me that “when opportunities present themselves in a spontaneous fashion, it can be one of the biggest blessings to jump all in.”

A Passion for Sparkling Gems

While Teresa adores all things vintage, her heart truly belongs to jewelry. “Anything that sparkles, it’s mine!”, she says. Her monthly shopping trips to New York City, Arlington, and Washington, D.C., serve as quests to handpick the most exquisite pieces for her store and bring them back to the residents of downtown Cary.

Victorian Era Treasures and Enchanting Cameos

Among the many treasures that Vintage Vogue holds, Teresa's favorite era is the Victorian era. Within this period, she finds herself drawn to one particular gem – the cameo. For those unfamiliar, a cameo is a miniature carving done on stone that depicts a profiled figure against a contrasting background. These pieces were commonly worn on velvet chokers and became a staple look in the 20th century. Teresa's collection includes stunning cameos sourced from around the world – Italy, England, France, and more.

A sample of Teresa's cameo collection

A Prop Provider for Movie Magic

Teresa's expertise and extensive collection have even caught the attention of movie producers in New York City. Teresa mentioned that they often reach out to her, seeking vintage props for their productions, particularly vintage telephones!

Why downtown Cary?

Teresa loves having her shop in downtown Cary because of the friendly clientele and frequent foot traffic. Downtown Cary comes alive during the holiday season, and Vintage Vogue is no exception. The shop buzzes with excitement as customers flock to discover the enchanting vintage Santas that fill the shelves.

A Happy Place and Expression of Self

Due to the fact that Teresa leads a minimalist lifestyle at home and spends her evenings as a caregiver for her mother, Vintage Vogue has truly become her canvas for self-expression. “The shop is her baby” and her sisters help her run the store.

Visit Vintage Vogue Today

If you find yourself captivated by the allure of antiques and vintage treasures, a visit to downtown Cary's Vintage Vogue is a must. Step inside and immerse yourself in a world where time stands still through pieces carefully curated by Teresa herself.

So, what are you waiting for? Let Teresa's passion for antiques ignite your own. The wonders of downtown Cary are waiting to be discovered!

Address: 115 W Chatham St , Cary, NC